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Use Custom Robots Header Tags:

You as a blogger can do this yourself by altering the settings so that your blog posts can be more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. All you have to do is to use the “custom robots header tags” setting in the proper manner. Moreover, the custom robots header tag settings are extremely easy to manage as well. Apart from doing this, you can also utilize the custom robots.txt to prevent the web crawling robot of Google from indexing the non-important pages of your Blog site, and thereby improve the on-page SEO of your Blog site.

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Blog Title Optimization:

It is a fact that if the titles of your Blog posts are not properly optimized for the search engines, then this can severely affect the ranking of your blog site on the search engines. The problem worsens if you are using a default blog template. In such a scenario, what you can do is to edit the template of your blog site so that the titles of your blog can be easily optimized. Doing such optimization of your blog title will subsequently enhance the organic traffic of your blog.

Image Optimization: A blog is incomplete without the right images. Images are what makes a blog visually appealing and makes it attractive. At the same time, images also play a key role in optimizing our blog posts for better search rankings. Infact, image optimization is a primary aspect of the on-page search engine optimization of any type of content or post. And hence, you should ensure that there is optimum usage of images in your blogs and blog site so that you can attain the maximum web traffic from the search engines. You can also take the help and guidance of professional SEO services for optimizing the images on your Blog.

Internal Links Optimization:

Internal Linkl

This is perhaps the most important but also the most ignored way as far as the on-page search engine optimization of any blog or blog site is concerned. This is also the most valuable thing that you as a Blogger need to remember if you want your blogs or blog site to rank higher on the search engines. Internal Links Optimization means optimizing the internal links in your blog to the maximum and to also link your blog posts with that of other bloggers round the world. Doing this will significantly increase the number of page views of your blog posts which in turn will improve the on-page search engine optimization of your blog site and subsequently your search engine rankings.

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